Corinna Rosteck


Technique / Medium



« In my (moving) pictures, I deal with the human being, its longings in connection with its body in the dance and the liquid. »
Water and dance are the central themes of the painterly photographic works of Corinna Rosteck.

In her pictures, she asks for localization, change, and dissolution, for dream and reality. From series to series, this photographic painting process is refined, the perception is sharpened and differentiated.

Accompanying productions by well-known ensembles/dance companies (such as the Pina Bausch Compagnie and the Staatstheater Kassel) and in collaboration with solo dancers (Butoh), she develops her own performances and installations dedicated solely to the creation of
her work. The images are projected onto the dancers and staged in the interplay of light, space and music to create a total work of art.

The photoworks series that result are pictorially realized with a special surface technique developed by Corinna, the printing and lighting-depth effect of the metallic reflecting images evokes the aesthetic stubbornness of the works to oscillate between weightlessness and materiality, visually enhanced by multiple exposures, fades, traces of movement.

Corinna’s artistic works move between factual photography and painting. They operate multilayered in the aesthetic span between the non-determinable, changeable, and ephemeral, between the technical gaze of the camera and the painter’s gaze, between a momentary and
perceptually aesthetic reality.

Corinna Rosteck’s works depict the always-endangered equilibrium as a passage through time.